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How can using CBD improve my fitness?

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Many athletes are discussing and promoting their use of CBD products and we are all wondering why. Does using CBD really improve their performance levels? Can CBD really improve their recovery times and decrease their pain? Here are the reasons why you should use CBD if you are involved in physical fitness. They specifically impact 5 major areas: Pain: Pain …

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How Much CBD should I take?

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Differentiating your individual needs when dosing CBD. The most intriguing phenomena of Cannabidiol (CBD), is the complex customization for each individual user. Hundreds of thousandsof users, all looking to ONE,singular plant-based product.  So, you hear one person mention “it helps with anxiety”, you think it could relieve your mother’s arthritis inflammation with it, or maybe you just want to try it for …

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What is ‘Sublingual’ in regards to CBD?

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If you don’t connect the term sublingual and CBD together, you should. What’s Sublingual and why should you know what it means? sub·lin·gual /ˌsəbˈliNGɡwəl/ adjective1. Situated or applied under the tongue.The most effective way for your body to absorb your CBD oil is sublingually. Quickly swallowing your CBD oil will be effective, but holding the oil under your tongue for …

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CBD is Not Marijuana

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Yes, yes, it’s been frowned upon and considered the drug of choice by hippies for decades… So why all of a sudden is everyone talking about this wonder plant like it was just discovered yesterday?! 33 of the 50 states in the U.S., consider Cannabis to be legal medically, recreationally or conditionally as of 2019. Cannabis plants are extremely versatile …

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How can CBD help me if I am already healthy?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main ingredients in cannabis, but you do not have to worry about being “high” or “stoned” because the psychoactive THC that is in the plant does not have much to do with it. CBD oil is now reputed to contribute to the recovery process in the treatment of various physical and mental illnesses. Scientific …