The New Standard ToImprove athletic and
Everyday Recovery

Purposefully Crafted

Hours of research and numerous rounds of testing ensure each Purelistic product is formulated for optimal potency.

Key Terpenes

are introduced to encourage specific results and maximize the effectiveness of the CBD.

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Responsibly Priced

Daily CBD use has greatly improved our lives, and we want to make that same healing accessible to as many people as possible.


makes industry leading products with the highest quality ingredients and formulas and then competitively price our products.

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Full Transparency

Purelistic reveals third party test results for each batch of tinctures sold. Quality CBD with accurate test results are guaranteed.

Know What's Inside

Never trust a CBD company who is not willing or able to provide you with detailed information regarding what's inside your products.

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Meticulously Sourced

Each ingredient is meticulously sourced to ensure unparalleled purity and effectiveness. All our products are made with 100% American grown hemp.

Our Products

undergo third-party testing for potency, terpene content and pesticides. Our CBD is CO2 extracted and done so without the use of harsh or harmful solvents.

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CBD Education

We guide our customers through the process of using and learning about CBD properties and the multiple benefits of its use.

We Teach

retailers about our products before they stock us, and provide weekly informational content through our mailing list.


We're Social

We love getting personal with our customers! You can find out more about our business and products on social media.

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