CBD counteracts the ‘paranoia’ and ‘anxiety’ effect of THC

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There is hard evidence than smoking that sticky green stuff does trigger neurons in the brain that signal anxiety and pain. It is a common refrain of friends and family who choose not to smoke or consume cannabis products solely due to the fact that it makes them feel paranoid or get anxiety too.

A new study published by the Journal of Neuroscience suggests the consuming CBD in conjunction with THC maintains normal levels of brain activity in the regions of paranoia and anxiety, compared to those using THC alone. This is great news for the paranoid smokers! This information gives us the knowledge to choose cannabis strains with high percentages of CBD in them to avoid that paranoid feeling. To put it simply; CBD blocks the negative side effects that marijuanas THC can typically cause.

For CBD USE; CBD products that are FULL SPECTRUM CBD contain very small amounts of THC. Using a full spectrum CBD oil will help regulate the levels of brain synapsis in the hippocampus. The hippocampus region of the brain is where memory, learning, and emotional associations are regular stored.

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