CBD for Dogs

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What should you know before giving your dog or pet CBD?

Giving your dog CBD can be a hesitation for some pet owners because we can’t directly communicate with our pets to find out exactly what their pains are, or if they get relief from the product.

What can you expect from giving your dog CBD?

Many pet owners want to give their pets CBD products to relieve joint pain, especially for senior dogs, or for pets with anxiety. Pain relief is very commonly achieved when using CBD for dogs. We have heard many success stories of pets being relieved of their anxiety as well! It’s great to see your pet relax after years of stress and anxiety ridden days. Imagine if you could help you pet relax during the 4th of July Fireworks, or a lightening storm. How great would it be to see your dog gain energy and mobility after watching them struggle to go up and down stairs or to run around the house. The results are pretty incredible.

What is the dosing for pets using CBD?

There are a few different methods of application when it comes to your pets. You can delivery CBD with a pre-infused treat, you can deliver CBD directly through a CBD tincture into their mouths, or you can deliver CBD by dropping a CBD tincture into their food or a treat they already enjoy.

Pets may be hesitant the first few times you give them something new, as they most always are with any new foods. Remember that this is something that will help them, so be persistent with you effort delivering CBD to your pet.

We recommend 1-5 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight for you pet. Medicate your pets daily for up to two weeks and monitor progress. If you do not notice any improvement, you can up the mg’s 1 by 1. There is no known toxic level of CBD for pets, meaning you can not overdose your pet.

How do you know if your dog likes CBD?

It’s actually quite interesting… In our experiences with pet owners who give their dogs or animals CBD isolate or Full Spectrum CBD products, they can ALWAYS tell if their pet enjoys it or not… And we haven’t heard of any dogs not liking it! It can be quite clear that your pet is happy using CBD because one if not both of the following will likely happen: 1. Your pet will begin to recognize the treat box or tincture bottle, and get excited to take the dosage. They definitely understand and can feel the relief of their pain or anxiety is coming from that treat box or tincture bottle! Or, 2. Your dog or pet will be more active, more mobile, respond less to the normal stress inducers, and generally be in a better, happier mood.