CBD is Not Marijuana

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Yes, yes, it’s been frowned upon and considered the drug of choice by hippies for decades… So why all of a sudden is everyone talking about this wonder plant like it was just discovered yesterday?!

33 of the 50 states in the U.S., consider Cannabis to be legal medically, recreationally or conditionally as of 2019. Cannabis plants are extremely versatile and come in various species, better known as strains, which do, or do not contain the ‘intoxicating’, ‘mind-altering’ or ‘high’ compound of THC…

Those plants which do not contain THC are now identified as Hemp. It’s still a cannabis plant, but it’s not marijuana. Hemp, is legal across all 50 states nationwide. It is not considered intoxicating, dangerous, illegal or harmful.

For many years, the data and research have been compiling to support scientific evidenced that the hemp plant contains numerous qualities which benefit the human body. Each year experts gather more and more evidence favoring hemp’s credibility. Hemp’s cultural uses have also impacted our nation as we know it, providing cloth, paper and rope to our soldiers in the WWII efforts.

A plant which was once victimized by the general public is finally gaining the credit it deserves, as well as the respect from officials and the skyrocketing number of supporters who claim its positive impact on their lives.

The CBD and cannabis industry are predicted to be worth up to $22 Billion Dollars by the year 2022, so it’s time for ‘Marijuana’ to step aside please, because Cannabis is here to stay.