Cooking with CBD

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You’ve got a bottle of CBD Oil waiting to be infused into something fun and tasty… So how do you incorporate it into your cooking?

1. Keep the heat low.

CBD’s evaporating temperature is anywhere between 320° and 355° Fahrenheit. Once it passes this temperature it will lose its beneficial values.

2. Garnish with it!

With many flavored CBD Oils, you can truly tailor your oils to any recipe. Finish off a fish taco with a drizzle of citrus flavored CBD, or kick up the flavor of chocolate ice cream with a few splashes of mint flavored CBD.

3. Infuse it.

Adding CBD oil into water, coffee, and other beverages is very popular. Infusing oil into shakes, smoothies and cocktails can also add an interesting and healthy new twist into your favorites.

4. Get Creative!

Be bold and try it out in new ways. You never know what genius creations you could come up with. Be sure to post & share your recipes on or on Instagram! We will feature your post!