How Much CBD should I take?

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Differentiating your individual needs when dosing CBD.

The most intriguing phenomena of Cannabidiol (CBD), is the complex customization for each individual user. Hundreds of thousandsof users, all looking to ONE,singular plant-based product. 

So, you hear one person mention “it helps with anxiety”, you think it could relieve your mother’s arthritis inflammation with it, or maybe you just want to try it for yourself to relax a bit after a high energy day… Many people, with many different wants and needs are all talking about a familiar CBD product, but they are not sure how to differentiate their experience, from “thy neighbors”. Many people will need guidance with dosing based on their individual expectations and intentions for using CBD. Unlike over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications, the threshold for relief or tolerance of each cannabis user, is a drastic large spectrum. Keep in mind when starting a new routine with CBD:

A milligram is the common unit of measure for CBD dosing. Milligrams, per use, per user, can range from literally 0 to +1000 milligrams (mg). First time users report beginning with around 2.5-10 mg during their first uses. This has been comfortable for most users. 

Also consider these factors…

1. What are you looking to get out of the product?

i.e. pain relief, stress relief, focus, recovery, relaxation

2. Have you used CBD in the past and understand more about your tolerance?

2. Will it be used for prevention, management, or reactively?

You can adjust your intake as often as necessary, but don’t rush to increase dosages. Thinking about your personal needs and expectations for using CBD can help you begin measuring up!