Max Strength CBD Paleo Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Skewer – ‘small munchie plate’

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by Stormi Knight

This CBD Paleo Bacon wrapped Shrimp Skewer small munchie plate is filling and savory in every way!

Not only do you have buttery citrus garlic shrimp, but you have turkey bacon to wrap the shrimp in amazing flavors, to bring it all full circle. 

Not to mention, the Purelistic CBD Chimichurri Garlic marinade that’s brushed generously all over and topped with fresh organic cilantro to give you a burst of flavor from herbs and spices that your body will benefit from. 

Sometimes you need a small plate to satisfy you, not to mention it meets Paleo Compliance so you can still enjoy yourself while indulging with a savory plate once in while!

@purelisticcbd Paleo Shrimp Skewers Munchies Small plate


CBD per serving: 80 mg per serving (recipe makes 1 serving). THIS RECIPE HAS HIGH CBD POTENCY!


⁃8 wild caught shrimp(de-vein Shrimp and wash)

⁃4 Paleo Turkey Bacon(all natural sugar-free uncured)

⁃8 thin sliced long white organic onion

⁃Organic Cilantro 

⁃Avocado Oil/Olive Oil

⁃Seasoning and spices of your liking 

⁃@purelisticcbd Max Strength (4 drops per wrap or personal preference)


1. Cook bacon until softly cooked place on plate (it will go back on the grill pan for more cooking).

2. Boil the shrimp until cooked (it will go on the grill pan).

3. Caramelize White Onions on Grill pan, let it fry a bit with sea salt and garlic black pepper and slightly char it.  

4. Wrap bacon around shrimp and placed washed begin to insert washed skewer through shrimp and bacon. Add onions 

5. Brush Marinade or topping of your choice generously on the skewer and squeeze lemon juice on it to add a hit of citrus. Brush it again with marinade to liking. My CBD Chimichurri Garlic Marinade is made with:

– 2 tbsp Avocado Oil 

-Purelistic Max Strength CBD (4 drops per wrap recommended or to your personal preference)-

-Minced Parsley 

-Minced Cilantro 

– Minced garlic 

– Sea Salt 

– Black Pepper 

– Crushed red pepper 

6. Cook the Skewers, rotate on sides until completely cooked through.

7. Plate on wooden plate to hold the flavors. Add more seasoning to wake up the dish and garnish it on top with fresh organic cilantro. Enjoy!!