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Measuring CBD Quality: A guide to determine if your products are good quality.

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There are so many CBD companies claiming to have the highest quality, best sourced, most supreme products on the market: so how do you know who to trust? Just like how you can gauge the quality of the produce or meats you buy, there are a few tell tale signs of a high quality CBD product.

Understanding what to look for when buying hemp and cannabinoid products online or in stores will help you on the journey to find your favorite CBD products. Use this guide to determine how to purchase your next CBD order. It is simple, and easy for CBD users of any experience level.


The color of your CBD product, specifically CBD oil, is the easiest indicator of its quality. Remember, there are different types of CBD oils, which will determine their expected color. If you are wondering what color CBD oil should be, here is what you should look for in…

CBD Isolate:

CBD Isolate means that the phythocanniboid known as ‘Cannabidiol’, which is one of over 100 compounds of the hemp or cannabis plant, has been extracted and isolated from all of the other compounds of the plant. Some users prefer this type of CBD because it contains 0% THC, it does not produce as much of a sedetary effect, or for other reasons.

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In most CBD isolate products, the extraction method involves transforming the oil extract into a white powder form. When the powdered CBD isolate is re-introduced to its binding carrier oil, it will not characterize with any color. Whatever the carrier oil color appears as, will likely remain. If the carrier oil is a coconut oil base, coconut oil has its own tendency to oxidize and turn pink. It is not uncommon for your CBD isolate oils to turn to a faint pink when exposed to the sun or not consumed within roughly 30 days.

CBD Isolate normally has little to no color, showing up as a faint yellow or even translucent.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil & Broad Spectrum CBD Oil:

Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD oils are easy to rate in quality based upon the saturation in color. Quality products will have a rich yellow/green color. The darker the oil, the more likely it is pure. A broad or full spectrum oil should at very least have a yellow hue. similar to a honey color. The deeper the yellow/green, the higher is phytocannabinoid content.


Where does your CBD come from? You better have a good idea before you consume your products, because the FDA does not regulate the manufacturing of CBD products.

The number one constituent among the sourcing of your CBD, is that it comes from the United States. If you are searching online for hemp products, there are A TON of brands sourcing from oversea’s, offering the *best* prices across marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay etc… Be weary my online shopper… Much of the hemp grown oversea’s is not in food grade condition. The likelihood of these products containing pesticides, heavy metal and other toxins is quite high. It is also against both Amazon & Ebay’s guidelines to sell CBD products, so these are usually scammers selling hemp seed oil.

The quality of where the hemp comes from, which includes the soil it was grown, surrounding crops, pesticides, food grade handling and processing conditions, and facility standards are all important. Make sure the companies and brands you want to buy from can provide these details.


Look for reputable and reliable lab results for a full cannabinoid profile of your products. Companies spend large figures on product testing to be trusted and recognized for quality.

Third party lab testing can reveal potency, volume, additives, toxins, terpene profiles and more… They are actually quite fascinating!


No CBD product can contain more than 0.3% THC per unit to be considered legal.

It is also a measure of reliability when you can analyze that a CBD isolate contains 0%THC, or that a full spectrum product contains some level of THC. If a product is being advertised as a full spectrum CBD, but contains 0% THC or any other phytocannabinoids, DO NOT PURCHASE. Vice versa, if you are unwilling or unable to consume THC, and you prefer to buy CBD isolate, make sure there in fact is NO THC in the product. These measurements can be found in the third party lab results.

All-in-all, if you are purchasing CBD products for pain, arthritis, inflammation, sleep or any of the other potential benefits of CBD, make sure you do your research. Hemp shops, CBD stores, supplement stores and dispensaries have knowledgeable staff members to help you pick high quality products specific to your needs. When buying CBD products online, don’t be hesitant to reach out to the company directly with questions or concerns.