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Hemp Products for Pain

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How does CBD relieve pain, and what hemp products for pain are available? There has been extensive research and studies done on the effects of cannabidiol and hemp, which has largely concluded to be positive for improving and relieving pain and other symptoms. Research has indicated that CBD interacts with receptors in your brain and immune system. Receptors are proteins …

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5 CBD Friendly Smoothie Recipes infused with tinctures

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Dropping your favorite CBD Oil into a smoothie and whizzing it up in the blender is probably the tastiest, easiest, most creative way to incorporate your daily dose of Cannabidiol. Try some of these mouth-watering and simple smoothie recipes with Purelistic CBD tincture today! Kale Pineapple Smoothie Pairs best with Purelistic Max Strength CBD Tincture – Add desired amount 2 cups lightly …

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How Much CBD should I take?

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Differentiating your individual needs when dosing CBD. The most intriguing phenomena of Cannabidiol (CBD), is the complex customization for each individual user. Hundreds of thousandsof users, all looking to ONE,singular plant-based product.  So, you hear one person mention “it helps with anxiety”, you think it could relieve your mother’s arthritis inflammation with it, or maybe you just want to try it for …

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What is ‘Sublingual’ in regards to CBD?

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If you don’t connect the term sublingual and CBD together, you should. What’s Sublingual and why should you know what it means? sub·lin·gual /ˌsəbˈliNGɡwəl/ adjective1. Situated or applied under the tongue.The most effective way for your body to absorb your CBD oil is sublingually. Quickly swallowing your CBD oil will be effective, but holding the oil under your tongue for …

Cooking with CBD

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You’ve got a bottle of CBD Oil waiting to be infused into something fun and tasty… So how do you incorporate it into your cooking? 1. Keep the heat low. CBD’s evaporating temperature is anywhere between 320° and 355° Fahrenheit. Once it passes this temperature it will lose its beneficial values. 2. Garnish with it! With many flavored CBD Oils, …

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My CBD Oil Turned Pink?

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Coconut Oil Can Turn Pink and its no big deal! Rather than freaking out about the hue of your CBD isolate products, you can relax and know you’re consuming top-notch CBD and coconut oil! Pink coconut oil is actually a sign that the oil being used is high-quality. Don’t think that your CBD product has “gone bad.” Coconut oil doesn’t …

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CBD & Anxiety

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Stress is never a desirable feeling as it distracts us from making good decisions, thinking clearly, and controlling behaviors. It could impact your work & relationships… Stress is actually one of the body’s natural responses to help us cope with threats, but is not always escalated to the point of requiring opioids or other prescription drugs to address its effects. …