Quality Tested

If you are searching for CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD, or hemp products to buy online, please make sure you are holding CBD companies accountable for selling you safe, quality products. Whether you are shopping for cannabinoid tinctures, CBD pain relief cream or CBD food products, always look for Third Party lab test results for the products you are buying.

CBD is not yet regulated by the FDA, which means that there is no system in place to govern the products available in the market and provided to consumers. This means that some CBD companies who are dishonest or underqualified may be selling unsafe products to you, sometimes with no repercussions.

Our isolate, full spectrum and pain relief cream products undergo a wide range of testing to examine the following:
Clearance from Heavy Metal, Toxins and Pesticides

We use premium quality, American grown hemp products only. It is safe and legal to buy hemp products online.

Below are links to our test results for all the products we sell.