Superfood Power Shake for PMS

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‼️Superfood Power Shake for PMS‼️

Recipe and article by Stormi Knight – 1st Phorm Elite Athlete

All these AMAZING ingredients are beneficial and crucial to help alleviate menstrual cramps, bloating and delivering the right kind of nutrients to help balance out hormones.🌱


(Yields: 1 Large Serving/ 2 servings for small cups)


1 can of coconut water 

1 cup of organic spinach 

1 organic banana 

1 cup of organic frozen berry mix 

1 tbsp of Chia seeds 

1 tbsp of ground organic flax seeds 

1 tbsp of moringa 

1-2 droppers of @purelistic Max Strength CBD 

1 tbsp of @1stphorm Liposomal Vitamin C

1 tbsp of @1stphorm Liposomal D3

2 small scoops of @1stphorm Opti-Reds 50



• Put all ingredients into blender/Nutri Bullet 

• Enjoy!💛


All the fresh produce ingredients are perfectly loaded with magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, potassium and powerful antioxidants to help balance out the hormonal changes your body is experiencing during your cycle. 🌱


Combining superfood seeds together help to build a powerful defense. Chia seeds help to alleviate bloating and reducing inflammation— and ground flaxseeds that provide omega-3 fats that slow the release of prostaglandins, which is responsible for cramping during menstruation.🥬


Adding in @1stphorm Liposomal Vitamin C, D3 and Opti-reds 50 is a power house and crucial to reduce oxidative stress that our bodies experience. Plus it will to increase better blood flow and nutrient delivery and fights off free radicals.🍌


@purelistic Max Strength Formula to this power smoothie brings everything all together to alleviate most of painful experience of a cycle. Cannabinoids have many anti inflammatory activities especially in prostaglandins, which, as mentioned is the reason why we experience pain. And CBD helps to target different receptors embedded in the muscle tissue to relax muscle contractions.🌱🌞