[Updated October 2019] Things to know before traveling with CBD

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CBD supports people who experience pain, anxiety, depression, and other daily challenges that often hold them back from living out their full potential.

Traveling is a very stressful experience for many. It can also be an extremely challenging task for people who experience chronic pain, fear or flying, anxiety, travel and etc.. So naturally, many people want or need to use their CBD products while on traveling and going on the road for extended periods of time.

Since the regulations and laws around cannabis and CBD are ever-changing, and differ from state-to-state, many CBD users have questions about traveling with their CBD. Here’s what we know:

Flying with CBD:

It is safe and legal to fly with CBD oil or products. TSA will not stop you or confiscate your products going through security. As long as the packaging abides by regular TSA standards. If carrying a CBD oil or liquid, make sure its container is not bigger than 3 fl. oz.

If you plan to fly with CBD, make sure you package your product securely. With air pressure changes occurring during your flight, you may have experienced toiletries leaking into your suitcase once or twice before. Take it from my own personal experience…you DO NOT want oil spilling all throughout your luggage, saturating your clothing and belongings. It will be a nightmare arriving to your destination to find all of your clothing have oil stains on them. Yes its happened to me. Be sure to seal your CBD oils or other products in a way you can be SURE they will not escape their packaging, even if they do leak. I suggest making sure the product is completely closed first. Double or triple bagging with ZipLocs should do the trick. Keep the CBD isolated from other toiletries or contents of your suitcase.

Legal in all 50 states?

CBD derived from HEMP is federally legal across the entire United States, but individual states still have the legal authority to ban purchasing, selling or owning CBD products. While all of the state-to-state regulation is still unclear and hard to define, we know the three states you definitely want to leave you CBD behind when visiting:

Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

States can regulate their own CBD, but they cannot criminalize it.

Can I buy it in other states?

Before traveling, check the individual laws for the state or country you are visiting to find out if you can purchase CBD once you have arrived to your destination.

Doing your research ahead of time can help you properly prepare for traveling with CBD products.